Goodwin's Way Film

March 2016

Our film Goodwin's Way is COMPLETE!

After many months of editing, our journey finally paid off. Last month we had two small screenings in Vancouver & Cumberland for cast, crew, and supporters, and all the positive feedback was extremely heartening.

Future Screenings

Now, I am pleased to announce that Goodwin's Way will be screening publicly for the first time in Cumberland for Miners Memorial Weekend on Thursday, June 16th.

More screenings will be announced next month, including details about a summer screening tour on Vancouver Island!

If you would like us to come to your community, please get in touch.


Finally, in case you missed it, we were featured in the Comox Valley's Trio Magazine back in September.

The Goodwin Graphics

Since our film is now complete, a fitting conclusion is to present the final installment of Ginger Goodwin: A Canadian Radical, Click Here. 

What a year it has been - thank you again for all your support for this inspiring story.


Neil Vokey,