International Conference of Labour and Social History (ITH)

Dear colleagues,


this newsletter begins with the decisions of the ITH bodies from 15 September 2016 and information on this year’s elections of the ITH functionaries.

Subsequently, we publish the report on the 52nd ITH Conference “Commodity Chains and Labour Relations” by Goran Musić.

Furthermore, this newsletter introduces the volume on the 50th ITH Conference („On Coerced Labor: Work and Compulsion after Chattel Slavery”) edited by Marcel van der Linden and Magaly Rodríguez García. As usual, ITH member institutes and members of the ITH Board receive a free copy upon request.

In addition, we present the René Kuczynski Prize Winner 2016 and the Herbert Steiner Prize Winners 2016.

We mourn for Marta Vartíkova, decade-long active participant of the ITH Conferences and member of the ITH Honorary Committee, and Karl A. Duffek, director of the Karl-Renner-Institute and member of the ITH’s International Scientific Committee, and publish obituaries on both deceased colleagues.

As usual, we conclude this newsletter with announcements, recent publications and further information.


Susan Zimmermann (President)

Lukas Neissl (General Secretary)