JOB CALL: Executive Director, Illinois Labor History Society

Executive Director, Illinois Labor History Society

Send electronic letter and cv to, Subject Line: ILHS Executive Director

Search. Deadline is 5pm on Thursday, November 17, 2017

The Illinois Labor History Society, one of the oldest independent labor history organizations in

the U.S., is seeking an Executive Director to begin in early 2017. Salary based on experience,

benefits negotiated.


Desirable Characteristics and Responsibilities


The ideal candidate for Executive Director of the ILHS is a person who has a passion for the

mission of the organization to encourage the preservation and study of labor history of the

Illinois region, and to arouse public interest in the profound significance of the past to the

present. This person recognizes that at its core the ILHS is an educational and service

organization that strives to provide value to its individual and institutional members and the

public at large. The ED must demonstrate a collaborative working relationship with the Board of

Trustees for whom s/he reports to. The candidate will have a broad base of knowledge in running

an organization on a day to day basis, working with staff and volunteers and recruiting same.

Concurrently, the ED must be able to utilize the resources of the ILHS and expand its programs

and presence in the labor community and the public at large. This will be done in part by

developing collaborative relationships with its affinity organizations and allies. The ED takes a

lead in both creating and managing a culture of service and excellence and obtaining resources to

make that possible. The successful candidate must combine a unique blend of professional and

personal characteristics. Among these qualities are:


Collaborative Leader -must be able to demonstrate success through operating in a

collaborative governing role. Demonstrated ability to cooperatively work/interact with a

diversity of interests including staff, the ILHS Board of Trustees, members of the

Society, union leaders, academic scholars, teachers collaborating partners, vendors, other

cognate associations, and the media.


Management-demonstrated success in managing programs and motivating people.

Business Skills-the ability to manage all aspects of the ILHS’s daily business functions

including financial, technical and membership programs. This includes ensuring the

program activities are carried out such as tours, book sales, newsletter, Annual Dinner,

and planning special events and programs, including working caterers, handling

promotion, and other logistics, with a vision to expand all the above as determined by the



Excellent Communicator- the ability to be a strong presence in the labor community

and beyond and positively represent the ILHS and its membership publicly. This includes

the ability to build relationships across a broad spectrum of individuals and groups in the

allied community and beyond, and must possess requisite public relations skills and

public speaking capabilities and other outreach strategies.


Fundraiser-the ability to build and execute fundraising campaigns from endowment

building, membership drives, individual contributions, union contributions and other

sources of developing financial stability including grant writing.


Other Qualities-must possess basic computer literacy skills associated with Quickbooks,

MS Office, the ability to update the website (Squarespace platform) and other social

media, and the ability to learn new technologies, and willingness to travel throughout the

state and work non-traditional hours as needed.