Labour/Le Travail - Autumn 2017 - Table of Contents

Labour/Le Travail - Issue 80


Table of Contents


Suzanne E. Mills                                                Fractures and Alliances: Labour Relations and Worker Experiences in Construction

Jason Foster and Bob Barnetson                       Who’s on Secondary? The Impact of Temporary Foreign Workers on Alberta Construction Employment Patterns


Steven Tufts and Mark Thomas                           The Christian Labour Association of Canada (CLAC): Between Company and Populist Unionism


James Nugent                                                   The Right to Build the City: Can Community Benefits Agreements Bring Employment Equity to the Construction Sector?


Jacques Rouillard                                             Les syndicats internationaux dans l’industrie de la construction au Québec (1887–1930)


Spencer Hamelin                                              A New Scale of Activism: Canadian Unions and the North American Free Trade Agreement, 1992–1999


Brian Thorn                                                         “A Colourful Crowning Ceremony”: Images of Class, Gender, and Beauty in World War II-Era Canadian Communism


Tyler Wentzell                                                  Canada's Foreign Enlistment Act and the Spanish Civil War


Larry Savage and Nick Ruhloff-Queiruga               Organized Labour, Campaign Finance, and the Politics of Strategic Voting in Ontario





Michael Dennis                                                 Left Marginalia: The Radical Imagination in Postwar America

Thierry Drapeau                                               The Work of Empire: Current Directions in Transnational Labour History