Labour / Le Travail 1


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Labour/Le Travailleur: Volume 1, 1976


"Most Uncommon Common Men: Craft and Culture in Historical Perspective"
Bryan D. Palmer
"'The Honest Workingman' and Workers' Control: the Experience of Toronto Skilled Workers, 1860-1892"
Gregory S. Kealey
"Le Québec et le congrès de Berlin, 1902"
Jacques Rouillard
"Artisans, Aristocrats and Handymen: Politics and Unionism among Toronto Skilled Building Trades Workers, 1896-1914"
Wayne Roberts
"Aperçu de la condition ouvrière à Québec, 1896-1914"
Paul Larocque
"'Yours in Revolt': Regionalism, Socialism and the Western Canadian Labour Movement"
Gerald Friesen
"'A Place in the Sun': The Industrial Council at Massey-Harris, 1919-1929"
Bruce Scott
"To the Dartmouth Station: a Worker's Eye View of Labour History"
Michael S. Cross