Labour / Le Travail 10


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Editors' Notes/Notes des Directeurs



"Class, Job, and Gender in the Canadian Office"
Graham Lowe
"'Class Conflict and Civil Liberties': The Origins and Activities of the Canadian Labour Defense League, 1925-1940"
J. Petryshyn
"The 1943 Steel Strike Against Wage Controls"
Laurel S. MacDowell


"All the Atlantic Mountains Shook"
Peter Linebaugh
"Good Hands, Stout Hearts, and Fast Feet": The History and Culture of Working People in Early America
Marcus Rediker

Research Report/Rapport du Recherche

The Sudbury Experience
Jim Tester

Review Essays/Notes Critiques

The Anatomy of Work
Craig Heron
Sudbury's Working World
Dieter Buse
On "Primitive" and Other Forms of Socialist Accumulation
Richard Day
Karl Korsch
Cyril Levitt


The Canadian Labour Bibliography/La Bibliographie du mouvement ouvrier canadien
Marcel Leduc and Douglas Vaisey