Labour / Le Travail 14


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Editor's Note/Note du Directeur


"Pigs, Cows, and Boarders: Non-Wage Forms of Survival among Montréal Families, 1861-91"
Bettina Bradbury
"Workers' Conspiracies in Toronto, 1854-72"
Paul Craven
"Canadian Socialism and the Woman Question, 1900-1914"
Linda Kealey
"The Newfoundland Sealers' Strike of 1902"
Briton Cooper Busch
"Co-operation and Community in the Thought of J.S. Woodsworth"
Allen Mills


An Agnostic View of the Historiography of the Irish-Americans
D.H. Akenson


Other Songs of Liberty: A Critique of "All the Atlantic Mountains Shook"
Robert Sweeny
Peter Linebaugh

Research Report/Rapport de Recherche

La Grève au Québec: Une analyse quantitative exploratoire portant sur la période 1896-1915
James Thwaites

Work Poems/Poésie du Travail

Review Essays/Notes Critiques

A Marxist Classic
Mark Golden
Manchester's Workers
Gregory S. Kealey