Labour / Le Travail 16


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Editor's Note/Note du Directeur


"Socialists and Workers: The Western Canadian Coal Miners, 1900-21"
Allen Seager
"The Rise and Fall of the Labour Party in Alberta, 1917-42"
Alvin Finkel
"The Calgary Working Class and the Social Credit Movement in Alberta, 1932-35"
Larry Hannant
"The End of Agrarianism: The Fight for Farm Parity in Alberta and Saskatchewan, 1935-48"
David Monod

Research Report/Note de Recherche

Italian Immigrant Workers in Powell River, BC: A Case Study of Settlement Before World War II
Gabriele P. Scardellato


Patrick Lenihan and the Alberta Miners
Gilbert Levine
A Death at Deer Lake: Catalyst of a Forgotten Newfoundland Strike, 1924
Malcolm MacLeod
The Bradley Report on Logging Operations in Newfoundland, 1934: A Suppressed Document
Peter Neary

Review Essays/Notes Critiques

Pre-Industrial New York City Labour Revisited: A Critique of a Recent Thompsonian Analysis
Edward Pessen
Mansion on the Hill?
Richard Harris