Labour / Le Travail 18


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"'By Wisdom, Wile, or War': The Provincial Workmen's Association and the Struggle for Working-Class Independence in Nova Scotia, 1879-97"
Ian McKay
"Bankers' Hours: Life Behind the Wicket at the Banque d'Hochelaga, 1901-21"
Ronald Rudin
"Shovelling Out the "Mutinous": Political Deportation from Canada Before 1936"
Barbara Roberts
"Conflicting Visions, Divergent Strategies: Watson Thomson and the Cold War Politics of Adult Education in Saskatchewan, 1944-6"
Michael R. Welton
"Inside Postal Workers: The Labour Process, State Policy, and the Workers' Response"
Blair Laidlaw and Bruce Curtis

Research Report/Note de Recherche

Hidden Workers: Child Labour and the Family Economy in Late Nineteenth-Century Urban Ontario
John Bullen

Work Poetry/Poésie de Travail

Review Essays/Notes Critiques

Rethinking the Categories of Working-Class History
James Epstein
Right, Left, and Centre: News and Views from the Canadian West
Allen Seager


Luddites Past and Present
F.K. Donnelly