Labour / Le Travail 2


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"Taking on the Grand Trunk: The Locomotive Engineers Strike of 1876-7"
Desmond Morton
"The Decline of the Sailor as a Ship Labourer in 19th Century Timber Ports"
Judith Fingard
"A Profusion of Issues: Immigrant Labour, the World War, and the Cominco Strike of 1917"
Stanley Scott
"The Life of the Silver Miner in Northern Ontario"
Doug Baldwin
"'The Large and Generous View': The Debate on Labour Affiliation in the Canadian Civil Service, 1918-1928"
Anthony Thomson
"The Liberal Corporatist Ideas of Mackenzie King"
Reginald Whitaker
"Les Travailleuses Montréalaises entre les Deux Guerres"
Marie Lavigne and Jennifer Stoddart
"Portrait of a Jewish Professional Revolutionary: The Recollections of Joshua Gershman"
Irving Abella
"Mobility Potential and the Quality of Life in Working-Class Lowell, Massachusetts: The French Canadians ca. 1870"
Frances H. Early