Labour / Le Travail 20


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"Le Bordel: Milieu de travail controlé"
Andrée Levesque
"La mobilité professionnelle des travailleurs de l'aluminium à Arvida, 1925-1940"
José E. Igartua

Research Reports/Notes de Recherche

Labour Protest and Organization in Nineteenth-Century Canada, 1820-1890
Bryan D. Palmer
Canadian Strike Statistics, 1891-1950
Douglas Cruikshank and Gregory S. Kealey
The Class Struggle and the Rise of Private Pensions, 1900-1950
James Stafford
Canadian Unions, the NDP, and the Problem of Collective Action
Keith Archer


Robert Kell and the Art of Winnipeg General Strike
Sharon Reilly
Winnipeg, 1919: A Portfolio
Robert Kell

Work Poetry/Poésie de Travail

Review Essays/Notes Critiques

French Canada's Diaspora and Labour History
André LeBlanc
Coal Miners and the longue durée: Learning from Decazeville
Ian McKay
Industrial Relations in Britain
Vincent Mosco

Conference Reports/Rapports de Congrès

Ryerson's Union Fair: Introducing Students to the Labour Movement
Myer Siemiatycki