Labour / Le Travail 21


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Editor's Note/Note du Directeur


"La formation des traditions de solidarité ouvrière chez les mouleurs Montréalais: la longue marche vers le syndicalisme, 1859-1881"
Peter Bischoff
"Making the Workplace "Safe" in Capitalism: The Enforcement of Factory Legislation in Nineteenth-Century Ontario"
Eric Tucker
"Overcoming the Inevitable: Restricting Child Factory Labour in Late Nineteenth Century Ontario"
Lorna F. Hurl
"The Cold War, Alberta Labour, and the Social Credit Regime"
Alvin Finkel

Research Reports/Notes de Recherche

The Stalinist Image of Canada: The Cominform and Soviet Press, 1947-1955
J.L. Black


The Interchangeable Worker and Fighting Back: Identifying Some Strategic Issues
Ester Reiter
Relations Between Unions and Universities in Research and Training: Union Expectations
Gilbert Levine
Cy Gonick


The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, the National Archives, and Access to Information: A Curious Tale
Gregory S. Kealey

Work Poetry/Poésie de Travail

Review Essays/Notes Critiques

The Country of Coal
David Frank
American Labour's Longue Durée: Class Conflicts (and the Lack of Them) in Cincinatti
Leon Fink
Labour and Capitalist Development in Africa
E. Ann McDougall