Labour / Le Travail 22


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Editor's Note/Note du Directeur


"Knowledge is Essential for Universal Progress but Fatal to Class Privilege: Working People and the Schools in Vancouver During the 1920s"
Jean Barman
"Labourism and Economic Action: The Halifax Shipyards Strike of 1920"
Suzanne Morton
"The Coalminers and Their "Red" Union: The Amalgamated Mine Workers of Nova Scotia, 1932-1936"
Michael J. Earle
"Feminization of the Labour Process in the Communications Industry: The Case of the Telephone Operators, 1876-1904"
Michèle Martin
"Grain Terminal Automation: A Case Study in the Control of Control"
Joel Novak

Research Reports/Notes de Recherche

The Access to Information Act: A 1988 Review
William Kaplan
Labour's Cold War: The Story of a Union That Was Not Purged
Gary Marcuse

Work Poetry/Poésie de Travail

Archives Report/Chroniques D'Archives

Review Essays/Notes Critiques

The Origins of Patriarchy: Gender and Class in the Ancient World
Virginia Hunter
The Making of a Gendered Working Class
Mariana Valverde
What Is Feminism?
Eli Zaretsky
Feminism: The Canadian Contribution
Deborah Gorham