Labour / Le Travail 23


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"Frontier Labourers, Crafts in Crisis, and the Western Labour Revolt: The Case of Vancouver, 1900-1919"
James R. Conley
"Solidarity on Occasion: The Vancouver Free Speech Fights of 1909 and 1912"
Mark Leier
"British Columbia Loggers and the Lumber Workers Industrial Union, 1919-1922"
Gordon Hak
"The Language of Agrarianism in Manitoba, 1890-1925"
Jeffery M. Taylor
"La Population Syndiquée au Québec"
Carla Lipsig-Mumme/Rita Roy


Rough Work and Rugged Men: The Social Construction of Masculinity in Working-Class History
Steven Maynard

Research Reports/Notes de Recherche

The First National Unemployment Survey: Unemployment and the Canadian Census of 1891
Peter Baskerville/Eric Sager
Maritime Labour and Crew List Analysis: Problems, Prospects and Methodologies
Malcolm Cooper


Images of Industrial Life and Organizing
Rosemary Donegan

Review Essays/Notes Critiques

Work, Workers, and Working-Class History
Robert A. Campbell
Business History and the Buried Treasures of the Theory of Value
Jacques Ferland
Exorcising Exceptionalism
Christopher H. Johnson
What Was So Great About Herbert Gutman?
David Roediger
The New Populism
John Richards