Labour / Le Travail 27


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"'That Indefinite Area of Toleration': Criminal Conspiracy and Trade Unions in Ontario, 1837-77"
Eric Tucker
"The Miners and the Mounties: The Royal North West Mounted Police and the 1906 Lethbridge Strike"
William M. Baker
"'We may all soon be 'first-class men'': Gender and Skill in Canada's Early Twentieth-Century Urban Telegraph Industry"
Shirley Tillotson
"Dependent Development, Labour and the Trenton Steel Works, Nova Scotia, c.1900-1943"
L. Anders Sandberg

Research Reports/Notes de Recherche

"Rewarding Your Enemies, Punishing Your Friends": The Labour College Strike of 1983
John Bullen


Against Essentialism: Latin American Labour History in Comparative Perspective. A Response to Bergquist
Jeremy Adelman


Workshop on Canadian Working-Class History, Victoria, May 1990



(Lefty Morgan) Informal Participation Patterns in the Railroad Running Trades
Gail Pool

Review Essays/Notes Critiques

Radical History in Australia: A Model for Canada?
Gerald Friesen
"Now that we've burned our bras...": Review of Justice and Gender
Margaret E. McCallum
Living for the Weekend: The Shorter Hours Movement in International Perspective
Steven J. Ross