Labour / Le Travail 28


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Editor's Note/Note du Directeur


"Compelling Compromise: Canada Chooses Conciliation over Arbitration 1900-1907"
Jeremy Webber
"A Fair or a Minimum Wage? Women Workers, the State, and the Origins of Wage Regulation in Western Canada"
Bob Russell
"The Knights of Labor and the Salvation Army: Religion and Working-Class Culture in Ontario, 1882-1890"
Lynne Marks
"Agnes Macphail and Canadian Working Women"
Terry Crowley
"Getting to Work: The Challenge of the Women Back Into Stelco Campaign"
Meg Luxton and June Corman

Research Report/Note de Recherche

Trade Unionism, Workplace, and Politics in Post-War Britain: and Inferences for Canada
Bruce Spencer


The Loyalties of E. Herbert Norman
Peyton V. Lyon


The Great "Dominion" -- A Pamphlet written by an English Working Man -- 30 June 1884, R. James
Ellen L. Ramsay

Work Poetry/Poésie de Travail

The Industrial Verse of "Slim" McInnis
Don McGillivray

Review Essays/Notes Critiques

Unidentified National Objects
Ian McKay
Chandler's Three Faces of Capitalism
H.V. Nelles
The Poverty of "Anti-Politics"
Robert Shenton
Canada and the U.S.: What Makes Us Different? A Response to Seymour Martin Lipset
J.F. Conway