Labour / Le Travail 3


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"Discordant Music: Charivaris and Whitecapping in Nineteenth-Century North America"
Bryan D. Palmer
"Capital and Labour in the Halifax Baking and Confectionery Industry During the Last Half of the Nineteenth Century"
Ian McKay
"The 1907 Bell Telephone Strike: Organizing Women Workers"
Joan Sangster
"Munitions and Labour Militancy: The 1916 Hamilton Machinists' Strike"
Myer Siemiatycki
"Workers, Growers and Monopolists: The "Labour Problem" in the Alberta Beet Sugar Industry During the 1930s"
John Herd Thompson and Allen Seager
"The Formation of the Canadian Industrial Relations System During World War Two"
Laurel Sefton MacDowell
"La conscience syndicale lors des grèves du textile en 1937 et de l'amiante en 1949 (with an introduction by Adrée E. LeBlanc)"
Alfred Charpentier
"Tragedy at Bellevue: Anatomy of a Mine Disaster"
David Jay Bercuson
"Les artisans et la conscience de classe ouvrière: nouvelles recherches aux États-Unis"
David Montgomery