Labour / Le Travail 30


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"Rebel or Revolutionary? Jack Kavanaugh and the Early Years of the Communist Movement in Vancouver, 1920-1925"
David Akers
"'Making Socialists': Bill Pritchard, the Socialist Party of Canada, and the Third International"
Peter Campbell
"Preaching the Red Stuff: J.B. McLachlan, Communism, and the Cape Breton Miners, 1922-1935"
John Manley
"The Sad March to the Right: J.B. McLachlan's Resignation from the Communist Party of Canada, 1936"
David Frank and John Manley
"La Crise ordinaire: Les Ménagères montréalaises et la crise des années trente"
Denyse Baillargeon


Kipling Gets a Red Card
Mark Leier
The RCMP, the Special Branch, and the Early Days of the Communist Party of Canada: A Documentary Survey
Gregroy S. Kealey
Vic Midgley Writes Home: A Letter from New Zealand, 1939
Jeremy Mouat

Review Essays/Notes Critiques

Pauperism, Moral Character, and the Liberal State
Mariana Valverde
Love Among the Historians
Karen Dubinsky
The Paradox of the White Worker: Studies in Race Formation
Noel Ignatiev
The Many Lives of German Labour: A Review Essay
David Crew


Industrial Studies for Trade Unionists
Bruce Spencer