Labour / Le Travail 31


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Editor's Note/Note de directeur


"Farm Households and Wage Labour in the Northeastern Maritimes in the Early 19th Century"
Rusty Bittermann
"Defending "The Art Preservative": Class and Gender Relations in the Printing Trades Union, 1850-1914"
Christina Burr
"From Subordinate Partners to Dependent Employees: State Regulation of Public School Teachers in Nineteenth-Century British Columbia"
Terry Wotherspoon
"Women and Income Security in the Post-War Period: The Case of Unemployment Insurance, 1945-1962"
Ann Porter
"The Confédération des syndicats nationaux (CSN), the Idea of Independence, and the Sovereigntist Movement, 1960-1980"
Ralph Peter Güntzel

Research Reports/Notes de Recherche

Master and Servant in England and the Empire: A Comparative Study
Douglas Hay and Paul Craven
Transitions et précarité de l'emploi
Guy Fréchet


Government Internment Policy, 1939-1945
John Stanton
"The American Blindspot": Reconstruction According to Eric Foner and W.E.B. Dubois
Noel Ignatiev


With Our Own Hands: Margaret Fairley and the "Real Makers" of Canada

David Kimmel and Gregory S. Kealey

Teaching Labour History/L'Enseignement de L'Histoire des Travailleurs et des Travailleuses

Who Is Listening? Teaching Labour History to People Who Don't Want To Learn It
Karen Dubinsky
Teaching Labour History
David Frank
H.C. Pentland and Continuing Education at the University of Manitoba: Teaching Labour History to Trade Unionists
Gerald Friesen

Review Essays/Notes Critiques

Building the History of Working-Class America
Betsy Blackmar
"Fort Frick" and the Amalgamated: The Homestead Lockout of 1892 in Historical Perspective
John N. Ingham
A Property-Owning Democracy? Home Ownership and the Working Class in Canada
Sean Purdy
Ukrainian Canadians, 100 Years Later
Myron Momryk