Labour / Le Travail 32


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Editor's Note/Note de directeur


"The Forest As Factory: Technological Change and Worker Control in the West Coast Logging Industry, 1880-1930"
Richard A. Rajala
"Sweated Labour: Female Needleworkers in Industrializing Canada"
Robert McIntosh
"A Miniature Coxey's Army: The British Harvesters' Toronto-to-Ottawa Trek of 1924"
W.J.C. Cherwinski
"The Softball Solution: Female Workers, Male Managers and the Operation of Paternalism at Westclox, 1923-60"
Joan Sangster
"Equality and Difference: Feminism and the Defense of Women Workers During the Great Depression"
Margaret Hobbs
"Power and Pay: The Union and Equal Pay at B.C. Electric/Hydro"
Gillian Creese

Research Reports/Notes de Recherche

Le mouvement de grèves dans le Nord de l'Ontario 1900-1945
Donald Dennie
"Jack" McDonald: A Canadian Revolutionary in New Zealand
Kerry Taylor

Review Essays/Notes Critiques

Old Deal, New Deal, Raw Deal: The Evolution of the Liberal State in the Modern United States
Melvyn Dubofsky
With the Workers
Bruce Laurie
Alexandra Kollontai and the Fate of Bolshevik Feminism
Christine Sypnowich