Labour / Le Travail 34


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Editor's Note/Note de directeur


"The British Collier in British Columbia: Another Archetype Recon sidered"
John Douglas Belshaw
"The Promise: Communist Organizing in the Needle Trades, The Dressmakers' Campaign 1928-1937"
Mercedes Steedman
"The Struggle for Job Ownership in the Canadian Steel Industry: An Historical Analysis"
Robert Storey
"Strikes and Class Consciousness"
Tom Langford
"Professionalization and Proletarianization: Medicine, Nursing, and Chiropractic in Historical Perspective"
David Coburn

Research Reports/Notes de Recherche

Adult Education and Union Education: Aspects of English Canadian Cultural History in the 20th Century
Gerald Friesen
No Part of Our Life: Local and Official Constructions of Meaningful Work in Contemporary Newfoundland
Lisa Sullivan
The International Labour and Radical History Pamphlet Collection at Memorial University of Newfoundland
Michael Lonardo


Labour Education in Canada: A SoliNet Conference
Bruce Spencer and Jeff Taylor

Museum Report/Note de Musée

Winnipeg 1919: A City in Crisis. A Review
Ken Osborne

Review Essays/Notes Critiques

Softcore Solipsism
Charles Tilly
Radical Literature and Cultural Validation: The Paradox of Merlin Radical Fiction
Graham Carr
A Proper Account of Improper Sex
Christina Simmons