Labour / Le Travail 35


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Editor's Note/Note du directeur


"Under a Watchful Eye: A Case Study of Police Surveillance During the 1930s"
Michael Lonardo
"Spying on the Young in Depression and War: Students, Youth Groups and the RCMP 1935-1942"
Paul Axelrod
"From Dreams of the Worker State to Fighting Hitler: The German-Canadian Left from the Depression to the End of World War II "
Art Grenke
"'Hands-off Labour Forum': The Making and Unmaking of National Working-Class Radio Broadcasting in Canada, 1935-1944 "
Marcus Klee
"'Character Weakness' and 'Fruit Machines': Towards an Analysis of the Anti-Homosexual Security Campaign in the Canadian Civil Service "
Gary Kinsman
"Social Movement Activism in the Formation of Ontario New Democratic Party Policy on Abortion, 1982-1984"
Lorna Weir
"Old Unions and New Social Movements "
William K. Carroll and R.S. Ratner


To Be Free Full-Time: The Challenge of Work
Tom Wayman


Thoughts and Suggestions on the Social Problem and Things in General (1888-1889)
Phillips Thompson

Review Essays/Notes Critiques

A Crate of Records is Like a History Book
William Eric Perkins
The Eclipse of the NDP
Nelson Wiseman
Government Worker Unions: A Review Article
Desmond Morton
Jews Inventing Ethnicity?: A Review Essay
Royden Loewen