Labour / Le Travail 37


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"From haute cuisine to ox roasts: Public Feasting and the Negotiation of Class in Mid 19th-Century Saint John and Halifax"
Bonnie Huskins
"Soldier's Work; Soldiers' Health: Morbidity, Mortality, and the Causes in an 1840s British Garrison"
Jackie Duffin
"Forging Responsible Unions: Metal Workers and the Rise of the Labour Injunction in Canada"
Eric Tucker and Judy Fudge
"Charles Millard: A Canadian in the International Labour Movement -- A Case Study of the ICFTU, 1955-61"
Anthony Carew
"Fair Play or Fair Pay? Gender Relations, Class Consciousness, and Union Solidarity in the Canadian UE"
Julie Guard

Research Reports/Notes de recherche

The National Archives of Canada and Left-Wing Sources from Russia: Records of the Mackenzie-Papineau Battalion, the Communist Party of Canada and Left-Wing Internationals
George Bolotenko
Italian Radicals in Canada: A Note on Sources in Italy
Franca Iacovetta and Robert Ventresca
The Future of the Labour Question from the Inside Looking Out
Leon Fink and John D. French


Marxism and Class Consciousness
Martin Glaberman
Reply to Martin Glaberman
Tom Langford
Native Wage Labour and Independent Production During the `Era of Irrelevance'
Steven High


Bill Pritchard's Propaganda Tour of Alberta, Winter 1915-16
Peter Campbell

Review Essays/Notes Critiques

L'historiographie du mouvement ouvrier suisse
Hans Ulrich Jost
Staging the Practices of Heritage
William Gale
Which Side Are They On: Thinking About The Labour Bureaucracy
Mark Leier