Labour / Le Travail 38


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"Comparitive Labour History: Australia and Canada"
Gregory S.Kealey and Greg Patmore
"Nineteenth-Century Canada and Australia: The Paradoxes of Class Formation"
Bryan D. Palmer
"Gender, Race, and Policy: Aboriginal Women and the State in Canada and Australia"
Ann McGrath and Winona Stevenson
"Women and Wage Labour in Australia and Canada, 1880-1980"
Raelene Frances, Linda Kealey, and Joan Sangter
"Immigration and Labour: Australia and Canada Compared"
Franca Iacovetta, Michael Quinlan, and Ian Radforth
"Wokers' Welfare: Labour and the Welfare State in 20th-Century Australia and Canada"
Stephen Garton and Margaret E. McCallum
"Rural and Urban Labour Processes: A Comparative Analysis of Australian and Candian Development"
Jacques Ferland and Christopher Wright
"Workers' Education in Australiaand Canada:A Comparative Apporach to Labour's Cultural History"
Gerald Friesen and Lucy Taksa
"Union Structure and Strategy in Australia and Canada"
Mark Bray and Jacques Rouillard
"Labour and Politics in Canada and Australia: Towards a Comparativist Approach to Development to 1960"
Terry Irving and Allen Seager
"Postsrcipt: Comparative Research and the Developments to 1960"
Charles Bergquist