Labour / Le Travail 39


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"Nineteenth-Century Collective Violence and Nativism: A North American Context"
Scott W. See
"Debunking the Public Health Myth: Municipal Politics and Class Conflict"
John Hagopian
"'Ruffled' Mistress and 'Disconnected' Maids: Respectability and the Case of Domestic Service"
Magda Fahrni
"What Kind of Unionism; Struggles among Sydney Steel Workers in the SWOC Years, 1936-1942"
Ron Crawley
"'Cowering Women, Combative Men?': Femininity, Masculinity and Ethnicity on Strike in Two Southern Ontario Towns, 1964-1966"
Robert Ventresca

Research Reports/Notes de echerche

"September 1931: A Re-Interpretation of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police's Handling of the 1931 Estevan Strike and Riot"
Steven Hewitt
"The Labour Stamp: The Image of the Worker on Candian Postage Stamps"
David Frank


"Grosse Ile: Irish Famine Memorial"
Michael Quigley


"Plots, Shots, and Liberal Thoughts: Consiracy Theory and the Death of Ginger Goodwin"
Mark Leier
"The Big Sleep: The Malataric Mine Fire of 1947"
Bryan Palmer and Robin Lunn