Labour / Le Travail 4


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1Editor's Note/Note du directeur

Gregory S. Kealey
Obituary/Nécrologie: H.C. Pentland



"The Canadian Industrial Relations System: Some Formative Factors"
H.C. Pentland
"The Nine Hour Pioneers: The Genesis of the Canadian Labour Movement"
John Battye
"Montréal's King of Italian Labour: A Case Study of Padronism"
Robert F. Harney
"The Emergence of the Socialist Movement in the Maritimes, 1899-1916"
David Frank and Nolan Reilly
"The Toronto District Labour Council and Independent Political Action: Factionalism and Frustration, 1900-1921"
Michael J. Piva
"The Girl of the New Day: Canadian Working Women in the 1920s"
Veronica Strong-Boag
"King and Context: A Reply to Whitaker"
Paul Craven


The Great Tribulation (with an introduction by A. Ross McCormack)
"Libertas Brammel"
From Trapper Boy to General Manager: A Story of Brotherly Love and Perseverance (with an introduction by Ian McKay)
C.W. Lunn

Review Essay/Note Critique

The Labour Movement in Latin America: A Review Essay
Peter Blanchard