Labour / Le Travail 40


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"D'un atelier de moulage á un autre: les migrations des mouleurs orginaires des Forges du Saint-Maurice et la segmentation du marché du travail nord-américain, 1851-1884"
by Peter Bischoff
"Modeles migratoires et integration socio-economique des Canadiens francais de la vallee de Saginaw, Michigan, 1840-1900"
by Jean Lamarre
"La sous-traitance forestiere dans le nord-est Ontarien, 1900-1930"
by Guy Gaudreau
"Private Policing and Surveillance of Catholics: Anti-communism in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto, 1920-1960"
by Paula Maurutto
"Solving the Problem of Success: Welfare Work and Canadian Union Activism, 1950 - 1965"
by Shirley Tillotson
"Clients and Consciousness: Drawing Militancy from Confusion on the Front Lines of the State"
by Greg McElligott

Research Reports/Notes de Recherche

"Documents pour l'etude des expositions et musees pour la prevention des accidents et des maladies du travail au Quebec au debut du siecle"
by Jean-Claude Dionne
"Canadian Railway Workers and World War I Military Service"
by Mary MacKinnon
""Unions aren't Native": The Muckamuck Labour Dispute, Vancouver, BC (1978-1983)"
by Janet Mary Nicholl



"Leopold was Betrayed by Man he Befriended, Fellow Native of Bohemia 'Sold Out" Mounted Police Investigator"
by Gregory S. Kealey and Andy Parnaby

Review Essays/Notes critiques

"Horses of a Shared Colour: Interpreting Class and identity in Turn-of-the-Century Vancouver"
by H.V. Nelles