Labour / Le Travail 41


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"Modeles migratories et integration socio-economique des Canadiens francais de ls vallee de Saginaw, Michigan, 1840-1900"
Jean Lamarre
"Mechanomorphosis: Science, Management, and "Human Machinery" in Industrial Canada, 1900-45"
Cynthia Comacchio
"Solving the Labour Problem at Imperial Oil: Welfare Capitalism in the Canadian Petroleum Industry, 1919-1929"
Hugh Grant
"Industrial Homework, Economic Restructuring and the Meaning of Work"
Belinda Leach
"The Cult of Spontaneity: Finnish-Canadian Bushworkers and the Industrial Workers of the World in Northern Ontario, 1919-1934"
J. Peter Campbell
"Does the International Labour Movement Need Salvaging?: Communism, Labourism, and the Canadian Trade Unions, 1921-1928"
John Manley

Research Reports/Notes de recherche

The Past is at Our Feet: The Worker's City Project in Hamilton, Ontario
Rob Kristofferson
The Plywood Girls" Women and Gender Idology at the Port Alberni Plywood Plant, 1942-1991
Susanne Klausen

Review Essays/Notes Critiques

Labour in South Africa
Marc Epprecht
Understanding Work Historically: A reflection prompted by two recent studies of the fur trade