Labour / Le Travail 44


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"What's Law Got To Do With It? The IWA and the Politics of State Power in British Columbia, 1935-1939"
Andrew Parnaby
"Les causes d'une participation à la grève: grévistes et non-grévistes de la Noranda Mines Ltd, juin 1934"
Guy Gaudreau
"'Beauty and the Helldivers:' Representing Women's Work and Identities in a Warplant Newspaper"
Helen Smith and Pamela Wakewich
"Managing the Marginal: Regulating and Negotiating Decency in Vancouver's Beer Parlours, 1925-1954"
Robert A. Campbell

Research Reports/Notes de Recherche

Red Star Over Birobidzhan: Canadian Jewish Communists and the "Jewish Autonomous Region" in the Soviet Union
Henry Srebrnik
Strikes, Bogeys, Spares, and Misses: Pin-boy and Caddy Strikes in the 1930s
Ian MacMillan


"The police beat them up just to keep warm": A Finnish-Canadian Communist Comments on Environmental Depredation and Capitalist Exploitation in Early 20th-Century British Columbia
J. Donald Wilson

Review Essays/Notes Critiques

Class, Gender, and Power in the Mining Communities of the Americas
Laurie Mercier
The Frontiers of Punishment and Gender
Carolyn Strange
Then and Now: New Examinations of the Sixties
Steve Hewitt
The Use and Abuse of Postmodernism
Craig Keating
Considering the Third Revolution: Popular Movements in the Revolutionary Era