Labour / Le Travail 45


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"Fighting the Sweatshop in Depression Ontario: Capital, Labour and the Industrial Standards Act"
Marcus Klee
The State and Employers' Associations in British Columbia: 1900-1932"
Andrew Yarmie
"From Dust to DUST to Dust: Asbestos and the Struggle for Worker Health and Safety at Bendix Automotive"
Robert Storey and Wayne Lewchuk

Research Reports/Notes de Recherche

Inspiration for insurrection or harmless humour? Class and Politics in the Editorial Cartoons of Three Toronto Newspapers During the Early 1930s
Scott Vokey


The Labour Historian and Public History
Craig Heron
Building Traditions of Inquiry and Transforming Labour-Academic Collaboration at the Union Local: Case Studies of Workers' Research and Education
Peter H. Sawchuk
Symposium Honouring Marianne Debouzy
Donna Kesselman, Alan Dawley, Bruno Ramirez, Dirk Hoerder, Michel Cordillot and James Green


History Television and the General Strike: Three Views

Prairie Fire: A Personal View
David J. Bercuson
Prairie Fire: The Winnipeg General Strike
Kurt Korneski
Prairie Fire Fizzles
James Naylor and Tom Mitchell

Review Essays/Notes Critiques

Big Lives: Recent Publications in Canadian Labour Bibliography
Peter McInnis
Labour in Capitalist America: Ideology, Bureaucracy, Insurgency
Paul LeBlanc