Labour / Le Travail 46


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Special Millennium Issue

Bryan D. Palmer
Editor's Introduction "Labour Confronts the Millennium"


Institutions & Ideas

Some Millennial Reflections on the State of Canadian Labour History

Desmond Morton
Industrial Relations at the Millennium: Beyond Employment?
Anthony Giles
For a New Kind of History: A Reconnaissance of 100 Years of Canadian Socialism
Ian McKay


Gender, Family & Sex

Feminism and the Making of Canadian Working-Class History: Exploring the Past, Present and Future

Joan Sangster
"The History of Us": Social Science, History, and the Relations of Family in Canada
Cynthia Comacchio
Bumping and Grinding On the Line: Making Nudity Pay
Becki L. Ross


Law, Industrial Relations, and the State

Pluralism or Fragmentation?: The Twentieth-Century Employment Law Regime in Canada

Judy Fudge and Eric Tucker
La grève de l'amiante de 1949 et le project de réforme de l'entreprise. Comment le patronat a défendu son droit de gérance
Jacques Rouillard


The National Question

Political Economy and the Canadian Working Class: Marxism or Nationalist Reformism?

Murray E.G. Smith
"Rapprocher les lieux du pouvoir": The Québec Labour Movement and Québec Sovereigntism, 1960-2000
Ralph P. Güntzel



Labour/Left Memorabilia, 1880-1980: A Photographic Representation

Karl Beveridge
Short Takes: The Canadian Worker on Film
David Frank
Canadian Universities, Academic Freedom, Labour, and the Left