Labour / Le Travail 47


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North of the Colour Line: Sleeping Car Porters and the Battle Against Jim Crow on Canadian Rails, 1880-1920

Sarah-Jane (Saje) Mathieu
The Dresden Story: Racism, Human Rights, and the Jewish Labour Committee of Canada
Ross Lambertson
Privilege and Oppression: The Configuration of Race, Gender, and Class in Southern Ontario Auto Plants, 1939 to 1949
Pamela Sugiman


Research Note/Note de Recherche

Shared Earnings, Unequal Responsibilities: Single French-Canadian Wage-Earning Women in Lowell, Massachusetts, 1900-1920

Yukari Takai



Class and Crisis in South Africa

South African Trade Unions in a Time of Adjustment

Geoffrey Wood
The Current Crisis of the South African Labour Movement
Peter Rachleff


Note and Document

"Our Mickey": The Story of Private James O'Rourke, VC.MM (CEF), 1879-1957

Michael Kevin Dooley


Review Essays/Notes Critiques

Essential Reading on Race and Law

Tracey Lindberg
Back to the Future: The Contemporary Left and the Politics of Utopia