Labour / Le Travail 5


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Editor's Note/Note du directeur

Gregory S. Kealey



"'Fading Beams of the Nineteenth Century': Radicalism and Early Socialism in Canada's 1890s"
Gene Howard Homel
"Single Tax, Socialism and the Independent Labour Party of Manitoba: The Political Ideas of F.J. Dixon and S.J. Farmer"
Allen Mills
"The Incredible Harvest Excursion of 1908"
W.J.C. Cherwinski
"Minto, New Brunswick: A Study in Class Relations Between the Wars"
Allen Seager
"The Subordination of Labour in Canadian Mining"
Wallace Clement

Archives Report/Chroniques D'Archives

Canadian Labour Archives: Some Recent Acquisitions
Nancy Stunden

Review Essay/Note Critique

From Social Democracy to Communism: Recent Contributions in the History of the German Workers' Movement, 1914-1945
Larry Peterson

Conference Reports/Rapports de Congrès

Procès-verbal de l'assemblée générale du comité d'histoire ouvrière canadienne tenue à Saskatoon le 4 juin 1979
Jacques Rouillard
Two Views of the Knights of Labor Centennial Symposium, Chicago, May 1979
William Dick and Nolan Reilly
Third Conference on Blue Collar Workers and Their Communities
Robert Storey