Labour / Le Travail 50


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Editor's Introduction/Éditorial

Labour/Le Travail at 50/Le 50e numéro de Labour/Le Travail

Bryan D. Palmer



The Trade Unions and Contemporary Protest

Solidarity and Symbolic Protest: Lessons for Labour from the Québec City Summit of the Americas

Kevin MacKay



Labour/Le Travail at 50: Views from Afar

Labour/Le Travail and Canadian Working-Class History: A View from Afar

Verity Burgmann
Top Seven Reasons to Celebrate and Ask More from Labour/Le Travail
David Roediger


Labour/Le Travail:
A Canadian Retrospective — Class, Gender, and Nation
Canadiens, Acadiens, and Canada: Knowledge and Ethnicity in Labour History
Jacques Ferland
By Necessity or by Right: The Language and Experience of Gender at Work
Nancy Christie
The West Wants In: Regionalism, Class, and Labour/Le Travail, 1976-2002
David Bright



A Piece of Hard Light: Excerpts from Michael Crummey's Hard Light

John Steffler


Presentations 1: Legacies of E.P. Thompson

Edward Thompson's Warrens: On the Transition to Socialism and Its Relation to Current Left Mobilizations

Staughton Lynd
Reasoning Rebellion: E.P. Thompson, British Marxist Historians, and the Making of Dissident Political Mobilization
Bryan D. Palmer
The Poverty of Strategy: E.P. Thompson, Perry Anderson, and the Transition to Socialism
Wade Matthews


Presentations 2: Labour History in Other Lands


Emmet O'Connor
Alexandre Fortes
Greg Patmore


Review Essays/Notes Critiques

Women's Lives Under Socialism

Sarah Ashwin
Riding the Rails: Black Railroad Workers in Canada and the United States
Jenny Carson
Agriculture and Environmental History