Labour / Le Travail 51


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The War on the Squatters, 1920-1940: Hamilton's Boathouse Community and the Re-Creation of Recreation on Burlington Bay

Nancy B. Bouchier and Ken Cruikshank
Some Adventures of the Boys: Enniskillen Township's "Foreign Drillers," Imperialism, and Colonial Discourse, 1873-1923
Christina Burr
Un moindre mal pour les travailleuses? La Commission du salaire minimum des femmes du Québec, 1925-1937
Éric Leroux
Employment Security and Job Loss: Lessons from Canada's National Railways, 1956-1995
Leslie Ehrlich and Bob Russell



Working-Class Public History in the Context of Deindustrialization: Dilemmas of Authority and the Possibilities of Dialogue

Michael Frisch



Reuther the Red?

Nelson Lichtenstein
Nelson Lichtenstein and the Politics of Reuther Scholarship
Victor G. Devinatz


Note and Documents

Paul Robeson in Canada: A Border Story

Laurel Sefton MacDowell


Review Essays/Notes Critiques

Profits über Alles! American Corporations and Hitler

Jacques R. Pauwels
No Retreat, No Surrender: Concessions, Resistance, and the End of the Postwar Settlement
Alan Draper
Social Activism and the Internet