Labour / Le Travail 52


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The Patriot War of 1837-1838: Locofocoism With a Gun?

Andrew Bonthius
"Ripped Off" By the System: Housing Policy, Poverty, and Territorial Stigmatization in Regent Park Housing Project, 1951-1991
Sean Purdy
Modulating Popular Culture: Cultural Critics on Tremblay's Les Belles-Soeurs
Michèle Martin



Reconsidering the Collective Impulse: Formal Organization and Informal Associations Among Workers in the Australian Colonies, 1795-1850

Michael Quinlan, Margaret Gardner and Peter Akers


Research Note/Note de recherche

Toward a Canadian Consumer History

Donica Belisle


Note and Documents

Modernity and Post-colonialism: The Heart of the Empire (1909) by F.M. Bell-Smith

Ellen L. Ramsay


Review Essays/Notes critiques

Nonstandard Work, Nonstandard Workers

Eileen Boris and Francesca Degiuli
Labour History as the History of Multitudes
Marcel van der Linden
The Progressive Tradition in Canadian Literature