Labour / Le Travail 53


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"Legal Gentlemen Appointed by the Federal Government": the Canadian State, the Citizens' Committee of 1000, and Winnipeg's Seditious Conspiracy Trials of 1919-1920

Tom Mitchell
"We No Longer Respect the Law": The Tilco Strike, Labour Injunctions, and the State
Joan Sangster
Between Nationalism and Continentalism: State Auto Industry Policy and the Canadian UAW, 1960-1970
Dimitry Anastakis



Informal Rural Economies in History

Rosemary E. Ommer and Nancy J. Turner


Research Note/Note de recherche

Ethnic Partition of the Work Force in 1840s Montréal

Sherry Olson


Note and Documents

"Letters from the Promised Land": The Ambiguous Radicalization of a Swedish Immigrant, 1928-1934

Eva St. Jean


Review Essays/Notes critiques

Gender, Work, and Zeal: Women Missionaries in Canada and Abroad

Rosemary Gagan
The Security State and the State of Civil Liberties