Labour / Le Travail 54


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"Severing the Connections in a Complex Community": The Grange, the Patrons of Industry and the Construction/Contestation of a Late 19th-Century Agrarian Identity in Ontario

Darren Ferry
Setting the Minimum: Ontario's Employment Standards in the Postwar Years, 1944-1968
Mark Thomas
Environmental Justice for Whom? Class, New Social Movements, and the Environment: A Case Study of Greenpeace Canada, 1971-2000
John-Henry Harter


Research Note/Note de recherche

The Dredger's Daughter: Courtship and Marriage in the Baptist Community of Welland, Ontario, 1934-1944

Catherine Gidney



The State of Writing on the Canadian Welfare State: What's Class Got to Do With It?

Alvin Finkel


Review Essays/Notes critiques

Roots of "Whiteness"

John Munro
Race and Revolution
Bryan D. Palmer
Power and Agency in Newfoundland and Labrador's History
Sean Cadigan
Revisiting Deficit Hysteria