Labour / Le Travail 56


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Moscow Rules? 'Red' Unionism and 'Class Against Class' in Britain, Canada, and the United States, 1928-1935

John Manley
Robitnytsia, Ukrainian Communists, and the 'Porcupinism' Debate: Reassessing Ethnicity, Gender, and Class in Early Canadian Communism, 1922-1930
Joan Sangster
Maurice Spector, James P. Cannon, and the Origins of Canadian Trotskyism
Bryan D. Palmer
Family Quarrel: Joe Salsberg, the 'Jewish' Question, and Canadian Communism
Gerald Tulchinsky



From "Old Left" to "New Labour"? Eric Hobsbawm and the Rhetoric of "Realistic Marxism"

Herbert Pimlott


Note and Document

'Fight for Life': Dave Kashtan's Memories of Depression-Era Communist Youth Work

Kirk Niergarth


Review Essays/Notes critiques

The Tramp Is Back

Todd McCallum
Race and Politics in Histories of the 20th-Century US Working Class
John Hendrix Hinshaw
Imperialism and its Discontents
Abigail B. Bakan
Imperialism and Disorder: The Global Ambitions and Internal Decay of the United States