Labour / Le Travail 58


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Editor's Note/Note de directeur



Danielle Cuisinier Dionne (1921-2006)

Andrée Lévesque



A Battle Royal: Service Work Activism and the 1961-1962 Royal York Strike

Jeremy Milloy
Railing Against the Company Union: The State, Union Substitution, and the Montréal Tramways Strike of 1943
Sean Tucker and Brian Thorn
Iron and Steel Unionism in Canada and Australia, 1900-1914: The Impact of the State, Ethnicity, Management, and Locality
Greg Patmore
A Labour Force for the Consumer Century: Commodification in Canada's Largest Department Stores, 1890 to 1940
Donica Belisle


Research Notes/Notes de recherche

The Industrialization of Tree Harvesting Systems in the Eastern Canadian Forest, 1955-1995

Peter MacDonald and Michael Clow
Zero Tolerance — Can It Work in a Unionized Environment?
Judy Haiven


Review Essays/Notes critiques

Is Sex Work? Re-assessing Feminist Debates About Sex, Work, and Money

Gerald Hunt and Line Chamberland
Emma Goldman: The American Years