Labour / Le Travail 6


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"The Crisis of the Craftsman: Hamilton's Metal Workers in the Early Twentieth Century"
Craig Heron
"Toronto Metal Workers and the Second Industrial Revolution, 1889-1914"
Wayne Roberts
"W.C. Van Horne and the "Foreign Emissaries;" The CPR Trainmen's and Conductors' Strike of 1892"
Hugh Tuck
"The Origins of the Employment Service of Canada, 1900-1920"
Udo Sautter
"The International Woodworkers of America in British Columbia, 1942-1951"
Jerry Lembcke


The Stanyan Ropeworks of Halifax, Nova Scotia: Glimpses of a Pre-Industrial Manufactory
David Sutherland

Review Essay/Note Critique

Class and Culture in Recent Anglo-American Religious Historiography: A Review Essay
Bruce Tucker

Conference Reports/Rapports de Congrès

Class and Culture: Dimensions of Canada's Labour Past
Tom Traves
"Society for the Study of Labour History": An Anniversary Celebration
Gerry Friesen
Procès-verbal de l'assemblée générale du Comité d'histoire des travailleurs canadiens
Jacques Rouillard
Sound Archives/Oral History Report
Richard Lochead


Bibliography on Canadian Labour History
G. Douglas Vaisey