Labour / Le Travail 60


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Contributors / Collaborateurs


Benjamin Isitt
Searching for Workers’ Solidarity: The One Big Union and the Victoria General Strike of 1919
Rhonda L. Hinther
Raised in the Spirit of the Class Struggle: Children, Youth, and the Interwar Ukrainian Left in Canada
Stacey Zembrzycki
‘There Were Always Men in Our House’: Gender and the Childhood Memories of Working-Class Ukrainians in Depression-Era Canada
Wayne Lewchuk and Don Wells
Transforming Worker Representation: The Magna Model in Canada and Mexico

Research Note / note de recherché

Larry Savage
Organized Labour and Constitutional Reform Under Mulroney

Notes and Documents / notes et documents

Review Essays / notes critiques

Hugh Grant
Revolution in Winnipeg
John Holmes
Noah London’s “Notes on the USSR”
Nicholas Rogers
London’s Marginal Histories
Steven Tufts
Those Who Serve
David Roediger
An Outmoded Approach to Labour and Slavery