Labour / Le Travail 61


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Contributors / Collaborateurs


Brenda MacDougall
‘The Comforts of Married Life’: Metis Family Life, Labour, and the Hudson’s Bay Company
Robin Jarvis Brownlie
‘Living the same as the white people’: Mohawk and Anishinabe Women’s Labour in Southern Ontario, 1920-1940
Andrew Parnaby
The Cultural Economy of Survival: The Mi’kmaq of Cape Breton in the Mid-19th Century
Miriam Wright
‘Building the Great Lucrative Fishing Industry’: Aboriginal Gillnet Fishers and Protests over Salmon Fishery Regulations for the Nass and Skeena Rivers, 1950’s-1960’s

Research Note / note de recherché

Charles R. Menzies and Caroline F. Butler
The Indigenous Foundation of the Resource Economy of BC’s North Coast

Presentation / Présentation

Eric Tucker
The Constitutional Right to Bargain Collectively: The Ironies of Labour History in the Supreme Court of Canad

Notes and Documents / notes et documents

Review Essays / notes critiques

Jim Barrett and Diane Koenker
The Saga of History 492: The Transformation of Working-Class History in One Classroom
Shiling McQuaide
Writing Chinese Labour History: Changes and Continuities in Labour Historiography
William G. Robbins
Forestry Workers and their Communities
Geoffrey Wood
Diversity and Transformation within Varieties of Capitalism, Work, and Employment: The Sustainability of Alternatives to Neo-Liberalism