Labour / Le Travail 62


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Contributors / Collaborateurs


Lucie Bettez
Cent jours dans la vie des Campivallensiennes. La grève de 1946 à Salaberry-de-Valleyfield
Guy Gaudreau
Les absences au travail dans les mines de Kirkland Lake, 1927–1943 : congés, fins de semaine et vacances annuelles
Kurt Korneski
Race, Gender, Class, and Colonial Nationalism: Railway Development in Newfoundland, 1881–1898
Charles W. Smith
The Politics of the Ontario Labour Relations Act: Business, Labour, and Government in the Consolidation of Post–War Industrial Relations, 1949–1961

Controversy / Polémique

Brian Green
Organizing for Defeat: The Relevance and Utility of the Trade Union as a Legitimate Question

Presentation / Présentation

Larry Savage
Organized Labour and Local Politics: Ontario's 2006 Municipal Elections

Review Essays / Notes Critiques

Cynthia Wright
Challenging States of Illegality: From "Managed Migration" to a Politics of No Borders
Andrew Parnaby
The Many Motivations of Jack Tar
Richard Fry
Coal Miners Revisited
Jason Russell
The Ongoing Challenge: American Workers and Unions