Labour / Le Travail 63


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Table of Contents

Contributors / Collaborateurs


Lionel-Henri Groulx
La restructuration récente des politiques sociales au Canada et au Québec : éléments d’analyse
Brendan Sweeney
Sixty Years on the Margin: The Evolution of Ontario’s Tree Planting Industry and Labour Force: 1945–2007
Stefan Epp
A Communist in the Council Chambers: Communist Municipal Politics, Ethnicity, and the Career of William Kolisnyk

Note and Document / Note et Document

Benjamin Isitt
Fellow Traveller: A British Columbia Fisherman Writes Home from the Eastern Bloc, 1952

Controversy / Polémique

Kevin Morgan
The Trouble with Revisionism: or Communist History with the History Left In

Presentation / Présentation

Ingo Schmidt
German Labour Experiences Since World War Two: A Suggested Interpretation
Noel Iverson
Nels Anderson: A Profile

Review Essays / Notes Critiques

Tanya Basok and Marshall Bastable
“Knock, Knock, Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door”: Immigrants and the Guardians of Privilege in Canada
Li Zhang
Chinese Workers Confront Capitalist Labour Relations
Paul Stevenson
The Political Economy of Inequality – Reformism or Socialism?
Eric Arnesen
Faction Figure: James P. Cannon, Early Communist History, and Radical Faith