Labour/Le Travail 64


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Table of Contents

Contributors / Collaborateurs


Peter C. Bischoff
« Barrer la voie au syndicalisme » : les manoeuvres de l’État québécois contre la Société bienveillante des journaliers de navires à Québec et les autres sociétés de secours mutuel, 1869–1899
Peter Campbell
Understanding the Dictatorship of the Proletariat: The Canadian Left and the Moment of Socialist Possibility in 1919
Robert Storey
From Invisibility to Equality? Women Workers and the Gendering of Workers’ Compensation in Ontario, 1900–2005

Research Note / Note de Recherche

Sophie Blais
Nouvelles réflexions sur les travailleurs et la grève de Kirkland Lake, 1941–1942

Presentation / Présentation

Forum on Labour and the Economic Crisis: Can the Union Movement Rise to the Occasion?
Jim Stanford
Fred Wilson
Holding the Line in the Canadian Pulp and Paper Industry
Marcy Cohen
Pushing the Envelope: Defining and Fighting for a Living Wage
Lana Payne
Employment Insurance: Liberal Design, but Harper’s Downfall?
Kristin Schwartz
The Successful Campaign for a $10 Minimum Wage
Gil Levine
Private-Sector and Public-Sector Workers are in this Together
Bill Saunders
Workers need their own Story Line
John Cartwright
Organizing in a Global City
Winnie Ng
PMP Stands for “Politicize, Mobilize, and Power”
Bryan D. Palmer
That was Then, and This is Now: Socialist Reflections on Responding to Capitalist Crises

Review Essays / Notes Critiques

Ian Bullock
The Rise and Fall of New Labour? A Social Democracy for 21st Century Britain?
Ingo Schmidt
Globalization and the Labour Movement
Dieter K. Buse
Sudbury: New Crisis or Continuity with Globalization?