Labour/Le Travail 67


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Contents of Labour/Le Travail 67:

Table of Contents

Contributors / Collaborateurs


Tracey Adams
Making a Living: African Canadian Workers in London, Ontario, 1861–1901
Suzanne Mills
The Difficulty with Diversity: White and Aboriginal Women Workers' Representations of Diversity Management in Forest Processing Mills

Research Notes / Notes de recherche

Kendra Coulter
Unionizing Retail: Lessons From Young Women's Grassroots Organizing in the Greater Toronto Area in the 1990s
Yanick Noiseux
Travail atypique au Québec : les femmes au coeur de la dynamique de centrifugation de l'emploi, 1976–2007
Julia Temple Newhook, Barbara Neis, Lois Jackson, Sharon R. Roseman, Paula Romanow, and Chrissy Vincent
Employment-Related Mobility and the Health of Workers, Families, and Communities: The Canadian Context

Presentation / Présentation

Gavin Smith
From Primitive Rebels to How to Change the World: Reflections on Two Periods in Anthropology and History
Jane Stinson
A Tribute to Gilbert Levine: His Pioneering Role in Labour Research

Review Essays / Notes critiques

Bryan D. Palmer
Profits of Doom: Spectres of Capitalist Crisis
Geoffrey Wood
Firms and Workers: History, Economy and Society – Institutional Approaches: New Directions and Syntheses