Labour/Le Travail 69


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Table of Contents

Contributors / Collaborateurs


Bryan D. Palmer and Gaetan Heroux
“Cracking the Stone”: The Long History of Capitalist Crisis and Toronto’s Dispossessed, 1830–1930
Aya Fujiwara
Japanese-Canadian Internally Displaced Persons: Labour Relations and Ethno-Religious Identity in Southern Alberta, 1942–1953
Laurel Sefton MacDowell
The Elliot Lake Uranium Miners’ Battle to Gain Occupational Health and Safety Improvements, 1950–1980
Reade Davis and Kurt Korneski
In a Pinch: Snow Crab and the Politics of Crisis in Newfoundland
Emily van der Meulen
When Sex is Work: Organizing for Labour Rights and Protections

Review Essays / Notes Critiques

Matthew Casey
Heterogeneity, Work, and Mobilisation: Recent Works in Latin American Labour Studies