Labour / Le Travail 7


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Editors' Notes/Notes des directeurs



"Class Conflict on the Canals of Upper Canada in the 1840s"
Ruth Bleasdale
"The One Big Union in International Perspective: Revolutionary Industrial Unionism 1900-1925"
Larry Peterson


Labour and Working-Class History in Canada: Prospects in the 1980s
Gregory S. Kealey
Through the Looking Glass of Culture: An Essay on the New Labour History and Working-Class Culture in Recent Canadian Historical Writing
David J. Bercuson

Research Report/Rapport du Recherche

"Weaving it Together": Life Cycle and the Industrial Experience of Female Cotton Workers in Québec, 1910-1950
Gail Cuthbert Brandt


A Note on the Toronto Printers' Strike, 1872
Robert H. Babcock
Church and Union: The Case of Hull, 1912-1921. An Introduction to R.P. Joseph Bonhomme OMI, "Notes historiques sur l'association ouvrière de Hull"
Brian Hogan

Review Essays/Notes Critiques

The Working Class in Northern Ontario
Jean Morrison
Mission Impossible? Building a Socialist/Nationalist Party in Québec
Michael Behiels
Labour and the Left in America: A Review Essay
Bruno Ramirez
October 1917 Revisited
N.G.O. Pereira