Labour/Le Travail 72

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Contents of Labour/Le Travail 72:

Contributors / Collaborateurs
Obituary / Nécrologie


Robert Tremblay
Retour sur les origines du mouvement ouvrier québécois : profil et aspirations des militants syndicaux et démocrates durant les années 1830
Patrick A. Dunae, Donald J. Lafreniere, Jason A. Gilliland, and John S. Lutz
Dwelling Places and Social Spaces: Revealing the Environments of Urban Workers in Victoria Using Historical GIS
Guy Gaudreau
La culture musicale des mineurs de Kirkland Lake : un premier aperçu


Lachlan MacKinnon
“To Those Who Lost Their Lives”: Reading a Labour Landmark in Sydney, Nova Scotia
Jason Russell
“Just Business”: 1970s Management Paternalism and Failed Service Sector Unionization
Kirk Niergarth
Memorial of War, Memorial of Hope: Contemplating the creation, destruction, and re-creation of Fred Ross’ mural The Destruction of War / Rebuilding the World Through Education, 1948, 1954, and 2011


Joshua B. Freeman
Giant Factories
Roundtable on E.P. Thompson’s The Making of the English Working Class at Fifty
Bryan D. Palmer
Dipesh Chakrabarty
The Lost Causes of E. P. Thompson
Geoff Eley
Class Formation, Politics, Structures of Feeling
Todd McCallum
Comrade Thompson and Saint Foucault
James Epstein
Exploitation: A Useful Category of Historical Analysis?
August Carbonella
Looking Back and Ahead
Robert Tremblay
The Making dans les eaux troubles de l’historiographie québécoise : réception hésitante d’un livre en avant de son temps
Magda Fahrni
Who now reads E.P. Thompson? Or, (Re)reading The Making at UQAM
Individual Statements on E.P. Thompson
Jesse Lemisch
Alice Kessler-Harris
June Hannam


Wade Matthews
Remaking E.P. Thompson
Andrew Parnaby
Life Among the Ruins: Deindustrialization in Historiographical Perspective
Tarah Brookfield
Reshaping Expectations and Emerging Anxieties: Ideal Womanhood Receives a Makeover in Twentieth Century America
Mary Daly
Care, Paid Work, and Work-Family-State Nexus: Learning from the US
Reviews / Comptes rendus
Minutes / Procès-verbal
Abstracts / Résumés